Tuesday, June 26, 2012

UCLA Graduation Banners & Gifts - Fight Fight Fight!

My Oldest nephew graduated this past weekend from UCLA and I got to do the BANNER for the party!!! This is when Design is the sweetest. . . doing something for someone you LOVE!

 BRAG ALERT! He graduated College Honors AND Latin Honors in one of the hardest majors - MIMG = Microbiology, Immunology, Molecular Genetics with a Minor in Bio Medical Research! Very Proud to say the least and how cool and THRILLED to lend my "non scientific" talents to honor him and Celebrate his outstanding achievements. . . .
THANKS SO MUCH TO Steve Smart and Walubi Graphics for a JOB WELL DONE! The family LOVED it!

I searched and Searched for just the right card, but couldn't find one that seemed to fit what I wanted to say so I found this oh-so-cool balsa wood container at the local Michael's and made my own......he really seemed to like it a lot because he smiled that quiet smile as he sat on the couch, sigh, he's an
amazing young man!

I loved gifting him money for holidays and birthdays, so he can enjoy spending it as he wishes, but it's become a little tradition with us that it comes packaged in unsuspecting ways. He, like his Mom, my sister, LOVES chocolate! So he was gracious and appreciative when he opened a decadent box of Godiva.....that he would have been very happy to enjoy.

But following his warm "thank you - you already gave me a present", (A 5 year journal I gave him on his first graduation event, there were 3 ceremonies in all) I was able to use the ol' "Life is not always like a box of Chocolates" line and "You know Scott, in life, you're going to find out that not EVERYTHING is as it seems" His face lit up as he had already put the box back into the gift bag. . . To his delight, I had made a box of "Godiva Money!" LOVED the Smiles and Smiles when he got it and revisited the box!

Last but not least I was able to make him a "SMARTIES LEI" I had soooo much fun putting this together for him. WHEN ELSE would I ever have the opportunity to shower someone with a lei made from SMARTIES?? Only for the BIG SMARTIE in the family! I used blue, white and yellow ribbons, butterscotch candies to add some school colors, extra large Smarties and the regular size as well. To keep it balanced, I ran the whole ribbon through a cylindrical box of chocolate "FLIX" and finished it off with the UCLA gold seal from his announcement to cover up the Flix branding!

Happy GRADUATION to the BECKER Family. Astounding adventure for this 21 year old AND for the amazing parents that helped him through it all. . . gently guiding, supporting in the challenging times and finally celebrating his accomplishments and achievements. 

Great to be able to get creative with and for you all! 

Monday, June 25, 2012

At the end of 2011, we decided to update the consumer packaging for our Paradise Galleries Brand.
some of my thoughts on the redesign......
"Our goal is always to improve and create an EXPERIENCE that matches the fun, creativity and beauty of our amazing dolls!" states BJ, graphic designer at "Team Paradise."

In an age when most companies are reducing and cutting corners, our approach
to our new doll packaging was “We need to give our doll lovers MORE!”

"I know the excitement I have when I drive up my driveway and there’s a package with something I love in it,  waiting for me. . .Oh WHAT a great feeling that is! This very feeling was the focus when starting the thoughtful process of redesigning the Paradise experience and how your new dolls arrive to you." states BJ. "We talked and talked to each other, drank a lot of diet cokes, researched and researched, drew sketches, and made box mockups over and over again until just that right solution was created."

The question, “What do you find in Paradise?” was part of the process too.
(Well, beautiful dolls of course!) 
 "As I walked along the beach one day, (paradise to me) I realized you find flowers and birds and smiles there too! Thus, our new tag line . . ."Where dolls and smiles grow”  With that came the creation of a distinctive color palette, a textured paper, an elegant but playful filigree with large daisy flowers and our very own
“Bird of Paradise." 

So now, when customer's receive a Paradise Galleries doll, they’ll find a completely new styled box, with a special “Gift Box” look and feel, a brand new Certificate of Authenticity in a keepsake pouch, along with the addition of a protective insert printed with the "Paradise Promise." All this was created with the CUSTOMER in mind. (PLUS! Look on the inside lid of your doll box, there’s a special gift inside that will brighten their day, and flower beds! - for sure)


With all of the above completed, we didn’t stop there, we even considered the shipping box! Yes, we could have done just a plain brown shipping box like everyone else, but we wanted our customer's to be EXCITED when their new doll friends arrive! So we added a little fanfare and a few reminders from us on the shipper box. . . Those reminders are: That each and every Paradise Galleries doll is; Designed from the heart, Handmade with love, Packed with tender loving care...

REuse - REduce - RECYCLE!!

So this is our direct to consumer brand "Paradise Galleries" that I handle most of the graphics and art direction on. The website was designed a few years ago and looking forward to updating it by the end of the year. In comparison to our competitor's sites, we definitely have a cleaner more modern look and feel!

This is an e-mail blast created to let our customer's know we have a SALE catalog piece coming to them in the mail. This is our advance SNEEK PEAK!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

With the release of Marie Osmond's Adora Belle™ Wizard of Oz™ Collection created this fun e-Mail communication to announce and promote Marie on QVC. . .

Interior of the box

"Story Book Packaging" for the Marie Osmond Wizard of Oz™Dolls Collection

Well now, it's been a very very long time since I posted anything!
I met a wonderful woman at JoAnn's last night and because of our conversation finally felt compelled to finally start posting some of my work.


Although the images I will post may be random, (HAVE to start somewhere!) they are a good reflection of the design that I am fortunate to create on a daily basis. From E-mail communications to product packaging, print collateral, the company websites, product and lifestyle photo shoots, to my personal work, sculpture, drawing, painting, sweet treats and confections (doing the packaging is the BEST!) to my Nephew's UCLA Grad banner. . .


A little bit about me and my professional work:
Fine Arts Graduate of the Ringling College of Art and Design with emphasis in Sculpture and Graphic Design. Have worked for Harcourt, creating text books for young minds to enjoy, and a short stint with Square One Graphics in Indianapolis, where most of our work was creating graphics for the prestigious Andretti/Green Racing Team. Now known as Andretti Autosport

Currently, I'm an Art Director/Graphic Designer for Charisma Brands, the amazing DOLL creators going on 8 years in 2013!

A little about the company:
Charisma Brands, LLC, is an Irvine, California-based creator, developer, and marketer of award-winning collectible, toy, gift, jewelry, and specialty products. A partial listing of the premier brands of Charisma include Marie Osmond, ADORA Dolls, Paradise Galleries, Kewpie, Penny Brite, Kenneth Jay Lane-Jewelry’s Living Legend, Nolan Miller, Dennis Basso, Lunch At The Ritz 2 Go, Francesca Visconti, Bob Mackie.

The Company’s products can be found in the United States and internationally on television shopping channels, specialty retail stores, various catalog merchants, Disney theme parks, and on the Internet.
The Company’s name, Charisma Brands, comes from its Rhode Island design and manufacturing center – known for over thirty years as Charisma Manufacturing Co. The Rhode Island center was formed by European artisans to create beautiful, high quality, handmade products, a tradition that continues to this day. Since the spirit of artistic design and skillful craftsmanship established in Rhode Island applies to all of the Company’s products, it was natural to adopt this name for the Company.

Let the random images begin!

2012 Marie Osmond Print Collateral