Wednesday, December 19, 2012

It's that time of the Christmas Season when it feels like I wish I could have done more weeks ago. But then I think a lot of us think this way. With the work schedule that I have that demands more and more time each passing year, I wish I could make my Christmas sweets in the Summer! Then I would be ready!!

This is the season of new beginnings and I am trying to do things in ways I have never done before. I am establishing new adventures, driving to work different ways, not stressing over gift giving, getting and making. My whole approach for Christmas was to do the traditions I enjoy but do them in new ways. I got my lights up early and have been enjoying them. . . delivered secret Santa gifts for my coolest neighbors, actually took time for a long weekend with a very dear friend (I thought I was nuts to do this when there was so much Christmasing to be doing - but alas it was a wonderful break!) I even got my tree up the first week of December......THAT's A FIRST EVER for me! I spoke these words outloud the other day after doing something I had never done before: "This is the start of new things. . ." Following that, I grabbed a sandwhich at a local sandwich shop and this interesting, HAPPY handsome man asked me out!  What a nice surprise!

So with the NEW paths, New behaviours, New perspectives in mind it has really helped me to take a deep breath and actually enjoy the process of my gift making, not hurrying, not worrying about if the "giftee" will like what I have made but rather be happy to be able to be making things with my hands as an expression of my love and affection. 

In my cozy Christmas beach cottage, I'm loving my amazing dog and his wonderful ways. . . old Christmas movies, my tree and all the sentimental ornaments - bright little treasures and memories. And the lights, all the lights.....sigh, I've loved Christmas lights since I was a young kid. Nothing over the top but just love having them everywhere!

 I am finding the peace and warmth of the season in honestly? . . . remembering the reason for it all. The birth of our Lord and Saviour, Baby Jesus.